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In following the Lord's leading, we united with a Kenyan orphanage that was facing many challenges to adequately care for their children.  We are utilizing several food systems, involving dairy cattle, chicken, quail, tilapia, catfish, and gardening to provide a well-rounded diet for the children as well as increasing general orphanage revenue in an effort to become self-sustaining.  A sewing center, corn grinding mill, and cell phone charging business were also started to increase overall orphanage income.  (See the "PROJECTS" page to view projects details.)






Our children are growing up in a loving, Christian environment, where all age-appropriate children are attending school for a good education.  They are also learning skills around the orphanage in helping to care for the various food systems, acquiring tailoring and dress making skills with the sewing center, and general business skills with our other micro-businesses to eventually support themselves.  Below, is a glimpse of the Lord's "little ones" with their once troubling stories, now being written with a much brighter future in sight.

Click on a Child's Image and See Their Story
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