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Cambodia: Times of outreach among the villages, preaching salvation in our great God, the One, True Savior, Jesus Christ. Reaching the unreached, lost in spiritual darkness.  Bringing in needed items for the villagers, such as medications, clothes, Bibles, school supplies, as well as candies and toys for the  children. Also, ministry in the local churches to encourage and strengthen local believers.

South Asia: Preaching evangelistic crusades, and witnessing tens of thousands of people abandon false gods, accepting Christ as the One, True Savior, and then watching the Holy Spirit in operation healing many from various diseases, afflictions  and ailments.   Evangelizing among numerous villages, reaching the unreached, and pushing into areas that are hostile to  the Gospel, watching many embrace the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Also preaching among the churches to encourage and strengthen local believers, and assisting with various relief items, such as medications, clothes, shoes, and hygiene articles.  A new church and was built and dedicated for the glory of the Lord,  and has  become a central component for minsitry in this area of India. Many new Christian converts have been baptized in grateful obedience in following the commandment of the Lord. 


Mozambique:  Assist in training local pastors in theology and practical ministry skills, and preach in the local churches to edify and encourage the  believers in times of ministry.  Moreover, conducting evangelistic crusades in remote areas, calling the lost to salvation in Christ, and edifying the local body of believers.


South Africa: Ministry in various churches in  several  different  locations around Johannesburg for edification, and encouragement to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Malawi:​ Preaching evangelistic crusades and spiritual revival in many varied areas of the country.  Many have received Christ as Savior, many have received divine healing, and the  church edified.  New churches have been built and dedicated for the glory of the Lord.  Many needed items  have been provided for struggling local villagers, such as  medications, clothes, shoes, blankets, and school supplies.  A water well has been dug in a church community that previously had very limited access to water.  Assisting a local church community in  a poulty business to assist the villagers with  a more stable food source, to better support the local minstry, and to aid in furthering the cause of Christ in this area of Malawi, and beyond. 


Kenya:  Preaching evangelistic crusades and  spiritual revival in many different areas of the country.  Many have received Christ as Savior, many have experienced divine healing, and the local church has been edified and strengthened.  Also providing needed assistance to a local struggling ministry that is working with orphans.  A stable food source  has proved difficult for them.  In order to further improve their situation, we have purchased two dairy cows, many chicken, quail, and fish to provide a stable food source for the orphans, and to be able to start a business in order for this ministry to be self-supporting, and to also have more  financial  means  to  advance  the Gospel in this area of Kenya, and beyond.





Based in Texas, for many years Blessed Hope International has ministered in various churches, assisted many local ministries with their own operations and ministry pursuits, as well as participating in many different evangelization efforts as opportunities are present to herald the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to lead the lost to salvation.



Peru: Evangelization was conducted in many jungle villages along the Amazon river, and its tributaries to bring hope and salvation found in Christ.

Brazil: Many outreaches have  occurred over the years  ministering in various areas of the country, where many have received salvation in Christ, and numerous lives transformed by the Holy Spirit. Teaching in varied  conferences and seminaries. Many  outreaches have occurred to minster in prisons, with homeless children,  and ministering in many different impoverished areas.